Our Trip to Europe

I was born in Austria and so we decided to visit my family in June. Since we both are in our golden years, I was not sure how the trip would go. Interestingly it was quite an exciting trip and rather comfortable, even the airplane (British Airways) was full and as anyone who travels these days knows the space for your legs is really tight. The plane ride was about 8 hours. I figured this is how much time I spend sitting at the office every day anyway, it could not be so bad. We left Santiago – Dominican Republic on June 7- had a layover of 8 hours at Miami Airport. But time passed rather quickly. I discovered the shops are so much better now and have really great merchandise. Then we flew on British Airways to London. It felt kind of arriving at a refugee camp. Lots of foreigners with loads of bags and kids and everything else. Security I found was a mess. We were delayed getting off the plane since an ambulance had to be called to pick up some people who fell ill on the plane. Then my husbands bags had to be screened again and again. Finally we were through and me missed our connecting flight to Vienna. I was getting quite upset by then and thought to myself – never again. But we got on the next connecting flight to Vienna with only one hour delay. I was happy again. Well we got a chance to check out the airport in London. I love that place!!! The layout of the airport, the ambiance, the english people being polite and friendly, great service! Where I come from, this does not exist. So that was special for me. I recommend to use London as your connecting airport for any international travel! Upon arriving in Vienna we found out that my husband’s luggage which he had checked was not on the plane.  My patience was tested again. Then we needed to figure out the train to Linz. Even so I was born in Austria I might as well have been a foreigner. Everything was new to me. The unknown and uncertainty was really stressing me out. So we finally got on the right train right at the airport. Great train “Rail Jet” where a young lady instructed us on how to get plugged in and how the reservation system works. Free Wi-Fi – Everything worked perfectly. At last we arrived in Linz where we were picked up by my sister. My husband’s suitcase was delivered the next day in good condition-which can’t be taken for granted.

If you go on trips like this and bring your best attitude, some patience and flexibility – no matter what you encounter you will have the best time of your life. I can promise that.

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Maria De La Rosa Baumann